Canada’s Skymeter Corporation scoops the main prize in the coveted Intertraffic Innovation Awards

During the opening ceremony at Amsterdam RAI, March 23, 2010, the winners of the traffic industry’s most sought-after prizes were finally revealed. Awards were presented in six separate categories: ITS/Traffic Management; Parking; Safety; Environment; Cooperative Systems; and Infrastructure.

The winner in the ‘ITS/Traffic Management’ category, Skymeter Corporation, was also recognised as the ‘Overall Winner’ for its Skymeter GPS-based financial-grade road use meter, designed for a variety of applications from road user charging and pay-as-you-drive insurance to parking.

The winner of the ‘Cooperative Systems’ category was Germany’s Gevas Software for its involvement in the Travolution project, while Israel’s Lidror was identified as the most innovative product in the ‘Parking’ category. The ‘Safety’ gong was claimed by Spain’s Badennova, while Gatsometer from the Netherlands was announced as the greenest of the green in the ‘Environment’ category.

Finally, in ‘Infrastructure’, the UK’s Crown International proved that it is poles apart from the competition with its simple but ingenius wind-up/wind-down VMC pole. The prizes were presented to the winners by Awards chairman Fred Wegman, managing director of SWOV, the Dutch national traffic safety research institute, who admitted that the ITS/Traffic Management category in particular presented a great deal of debate before the final decision was eventually made.

Shortlisted companies for the 'Infrastructure' category

  • HOKA Verkeerstechniek (part of BAM Group), Covering destinations on traffic signs using laser technique
  • Crown International, VMC Pole
  • Ramböll Sweden AB, Road marking tester

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Shortlisted companies for the 'Parking' category

  • Circontrol SA, CirCarLife
  • Lidror, Biopark
  • WPS Worldwide Parking, WPS Park & Recharge


Shortlisted companies for the 'Cooperative Systems' category

  • DTV Consultants, Odysa In-car
  • Gevas Software, Travolution


Shortlisted companies for the 'Safety' category

  • Badennova, BIV
  • Potters Europe, C-Me-2
  • Transpo Industries, Sonoblaster


Shortlisted companies for the 'Traffic Management/ITS' category

  • Skymeter Corporation, Skymeter
  • TomTom International, TomTom HD Flow
  • Trinité, BlueTracking


Shortlisted companies for the 'Environment' category

  • Gatsometer BV, Amsterdam Environmental Zone Project
  • Open Traffic, OTS Open Parking System
  • SES, Optima Variable Message Sign