20 - 23 March 2018

Smart Mobility at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018

Innovations in the world of mobility are moving fast. The traffic technology and automotive industries are undergoing major technological transformations. Cooperation and connectivity have a major focus.

Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018 brings the latest trends and developments in smart, safe and sustainable mobility to the show floor, with a decidated Smart Mobility hall. 

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What happens at the Smart Mobility Hall?

In two theaters key experts will inspire industry professionals within the six themes of Smart Mobility. The topics are newsworthy and tuned to a large and varied audience. The presentation are not too commercial or too scientific.

Who can participate?

Registered exhibiting companies at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018. Do you have a product or solution within one of the six themes of Smart Mobility? Join us!

How do I participate?

Give an inspiring presentation or demonstration that has a focus on Smart Mobility. Take this opportunity to provide public authorities, road authorities and other stakeholders a clear picture and understanding of the meaning, effects and options for the application of Smart Mobility in the field of Traffic Technology and Automotive.

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Exchange ideas and knowledge with renowned representatives in the mobility world. In 2016, more than 4,700 visitors attended the Smart Mobility Theatres. It is the ultimate meeting place for Smart Mobility pioneers and innovators to discuss the mobility of the future on panels, in debates and in inspiring keynote speeches.

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Another way to present your Smart Mobility solutions is to demonstrate them in action. Offer driving experiences in the demo areas; indoor or outdoor. The indoor demonstration area is suitable as test track or as show space for static vehicles whereas the outside demonstration area could become your real time demonstration track!

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Six themes in the Smart Mobility Hall

Examples of a presentation or demonstration are: technical presentations of mobility products and services that have already been introduced, trends, market developments, business cases or even on-site created mobility solutions, pilot projects, panel discussions, mobility debates, call for tenders and project launches.

There will be a focus on the following six themes:


Data sharing


Data are the lifeblood of a modern transport system and critically important to unlocking value from new transport schemes, mobility solutions and customer tailored services. Through inter-operability, we realise a drive towards ‘Platform as a Service’ across the mobility sector with a result to critically disrupt the way we currently model, plan and deliver transport services globally in cities and urban areas.

Connected & Autonomous


A huge amount of R&D is globally spend on creating connected and autonomous vehicles and it is hard to keep up with the activity, announcements, new projects and demonstrations. Automated driving is seen as the opportunity to address several important societal challenges of road transport: safety, energy efficiency, congestion, urban accessibility and social inclusion.

Journey Management


With the deployment of critical technology solutions that cut across organisational and operational barriers, we witness the breakdown of silos across the transport system. No more management of multiple mobile apps or cards but one account for the individual or family, tailor made solutions for multimodal, seamless and ticketless travelling.

Mobility as a service


MaaS combines options from different transport providers into a single mobile service, removing the hassle of planning and one-off payments. It works out the best option for every journey – whether that’s a taxi, public transport, a car service or a bike share. It is the ultimate consumer proposition, enabling the movement from transport to mobility. However, the business model is yet to be proven on scale.

Disruptive trends


Digitization, increasing automation, and new business models have revolutionized other industries, and automotive will be no exception. These forces are giving rise to four disruptive technology-driven trends in the automotive sector: diverse mobility, autonomous driving, electrification, and connectivity.

Connected solutions


Online and mobile platforms are required to integrate features, products, services and technologies. Intelligent transport networks, increased smartphone use, and the availability of data and the ability to process it in ‘the cloud’ are the main pillars of change. Communication between vehicles and roadside systems also creates opportunities to support road users in driving and to help traffic flow organically through the transport network.



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